Indigo production suite

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Files ready to Drop in your music

I've worked hours on creating high quality samples that are tailored for house producers.

This is by far the best collection of sounds I've ever made.

Sometimes starting a track is the hardest part. This pack will give you the immediate inspiration needed to get started.This pack includes acid loops/ acid hits/ bassline loops/ bass hits/ instruments and their midis/ vox loops/ synth loops/synth hits and much more!



All the hits and loops you need

Dreading scrolling through random drums to find the perfect one? I’ve saved you this time by compiling drum loops and hits that will make your track punch through any system.

These are full drum loops that you can simply drag to your track or build off of using your own hits like kicks, claps, cymbals, snare, percussion, and many more!


Unique Serum presets 

These BASS/LEAD and FX Serum presets are the basis for taking your sound in the right direction.

They are made to perfection and ready to use, but you can also tweak them to your liking.


Full stems of ready made drops

I’m including construction kits in this pack for you to pick apart, learn from, or rework to expand your inspiration.

Each separate kit has unique drums, bass and leads that you can use as a basis to build your own track or find inspiration in.There are a lot of possibilities in this part, use them wisely (:



Hip hop Vocal Samples 

There is no doubt that vocal samples will make or break your track.

The vocal sample creates an identity and gives an organic feeling to each track.

It takes a lot of time to meet up and rent a proper studio to record vocals, so I’ve done it all for you here (: 


Those old school samples you always looking for.

Growing up in the 90s, I was amazed by electronic music and the sounds that were being used back then but they were really hard to find.

Now, these sounds are starting to cycle back and make a comeback in modern house. I’ve collected a bunch of unique, 90s inspired sounds for you to choose from and have in your library in one spot instead of scrapping the internet to find.

This collection will help you get the old school sound.Rave loops, rave hits, scratches, breaks, vinyl noise, and FX all included



Learn how to create your own track with these full Ableton Projects

When I started to make music, the one thing I wish I had was the ability to see someone else’s project and mess with all of the elements to understand how it was compiled.

It’s easy to get confused by all of the information in the DAW that it can sometimes deter you from doing your best work.With these full projects, you can see exactly how I did everything and even use the ideas for your own music.


Ableton racks to simplify your productions 

I made a unique drum rack that I call ’SELECTA’ that will help you choose your drum samples. While the loop is playing, you can scroll through your drum samples and listen to them.

This pack also includes many more sounds and FX racks.

Just drop it on your channel to watch the real magic happen.